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Accountants: The Natural Trusted Advisors

Accountants are routinely awarded the accolade of ‘trusted advisor’. Yet many accountants, bogged down with compliance work, spend most of their time writing history instead of helping their clients make history. There has been much talk about how accountants should embrace value based, business improvement services so that they can step up and truly embrace their trusted advisor status. Yet little has been written on how to go about doing that in a way that sits firmly within the accountant’s heartland – the numbers.

In this book, Colin Dunn reveals tried and trusted methodologies that all accountants can implement to become the advisor clients cannot do without. You’ll discover:

• How to align your firm with your passion
• How to select only those clients who are right for your firm
• How to use compliance work as a springboard into business improvement services
• How using the right language can transform your client relationships
• How planning sessions are the key to a thriving business improvement service offering
• How the Cloud is transforming the way in which accountants create value for their clients


Colin Dunn is a Chartered Accountant with 25 years' experience in helping accountants develop and implement strategies to build better businesses for themselves and their clients. In his 10 years in one of the fastest growing accounting businesses in the UK he led a project to set-up and launch business improvement services, training directors and team members to raise awareness of the new service and develop skills. He has led many business improvement assignments with business clients and accounting firms.

Upon leaving public practice, Colin found his true vocation – helping accountants around the world to step up and provide truly valuable services that help them live up to their status as the natural trusted advisor. Dovetailed with his coaching and consulting work, Colin has developed content, products and systems for accountants.

Check out Colin’s blog www.colindunnblog.com